A romantic dinner at Le Pomme Cannelle, Luxembourg

In one of the few evenings hubby was free from work, after I had a meeting and couple of drinks at Le Royal, we decided to stop there for dinner. We always find us short on ideas for restaurants open on Monday evening and we were attracted by the renewed settings of the hotel. Last time I have been to Le Pomme Cannelle was ages ago – really, five or six at least – and my memories were related to the opulent and ceremonial service and old-fashion dishes.

We skipped the aperitif, as we had already at the bar, and were accommodated to a large table on a couch. The decors are classic but not redundant: the restaurant was quite full, but you could preserve your privacy as the distance between tables is considerable – this is one element I always appreciate very much in certain contests. Some businessmen, as well as couple and families. If you exclude we entered from the bar corridor, nothing can lead you thinking you are in the restaurant of a hotel.

We went for two courses each: I had bread-crust tuna tataki with avocado sauce while hubby had a red mullet cake, followed by two main fishes courses: cod in breadcrumbs with tomato and fava beans for me and sea bass with penne and crunchy vegetables for hubby. Our dinner was anticipated by two amuse-bouche. A delicate fish mousse as appetizer and a tasty beef welcome from the chef. We accompanied the dinner with a bottle of Viognier.  and I concluded with a selection of cheese.

After the pictures of our dinner, you will find some more impressions on my side.

What I liked about the dinner at Le Pomme Cannelle:

  • The food: sophisticated but not extravagant, classic but not boring. All our dishes were composed by main ingredients, perfectly combined and mixed. Some choices were precisely delicate, as my tuna fish, some were more colorful and intense, as the red mullet cake. All were outstanding.
  • The service: while extremely cordial and always on point, we never felt the service was “too much” as in the past. Settings are formal, but you can enjoy a relaxed moment, unbuttoning your tie if you wish
  • The location: while it still preserves an important style, pretty far from the new minimalist trends of new restaurants, Le Pomme Cannelle welcome you in a warm and different atmosphere, where you are taken away discovering the small details of the room. I particularly appreciated the comfort of the seats and the distance between the tables.

What I liked less about the dinner at Le Pomme Cannelle:

  • I have to say I like pretty much everything. If I have to find only one thing, as we ordered both two fish dishes and the welcome from the chef was taken afterwards, it might be pointed out it was a meat (mini) dish. I always appreciate when my amuse-bouche is slightly coordinated with my meal, but, as hubby pointed out, this is a very silly point of mine 🙂

To sum up. Le Pomme Cannelle has a new refreshed atmosphere and has lost the oldish negative acceptation of “hotel restaurant”. It is a place, high-end one, you can definitely visit for a special family occasion, a romantic date, a friends celebration. You are offered an outstanding level of service, a tasty classic menu with some indulgent touches and a very good and reasonable offer in terms of wine.


Private Dining Event with the Chef Sergi Arola – La Boqueria, Luxembourg

Yesterday night I was invited by Guillermo, the owner of La Boqueria, to take part to a private dining event with the best clients of the restaurant, together with their chef Sergi Arola. I was very pleased to come back to La Boqueria for dinner and, above all, glad as not always you get the chance to have dinner seated at the same table with a 2 Michelin stars chef presenting his dishes.

As always, at La Boqueria, the atmosphere was warm and sophisticated. It was lovely for once to get there when the sun was still up and the interiors with day lights are impressive as well as in the night.

I got to meet the bubbling other guests during the aperitif time and then we were accompanied to our table. We started with some “tapas” to share – ceviche, tartare and carpaccio. The tartare was initially taken at the table “to prepare” and we admired the chef composing it: it was one of the best tartare I have ever had. While normally onion, mustard and other spices tend to numb the taste of the meat, in this case the meat itself was the fierce leading role of the plat. I also love the “presa ibericacarpaccio – to me it resembled very much a sausage from the south of Italy, spicy, intense, embracing.
A jubilation of tastes that was cleared in the mouth by the last entrée – a fresh and acid ceviche that was melting in a persistent – but pleasant – aftertaste of cilantro. It was just the brilliant start.

We were then driven through the road of this typical but eccentric cuisine by some fried features: single and unforgettable patata brava and croquetas. Consign to oblivion frozen pans and finger food: I cut the croquetas with my fork and knife and I tasted every smaller bite for an endless time. A perfect, crunchy and dry breading, accompanied by an almost liquid, hot filling. The potatoes, similar to the one I had already at the tapas bar months ago, but filled with hot spicy tomato, well hidden under the sassy topping.
It could have been already a satisfactory dinner till that point, but it was not over.

We still had a tender monkfish – the delicious lobster texture combined with green al dente vegetables and a heavenly sauce (where is the spoon when you need it!) followed by the most amazing dish of the night to me – beef filet with these truffle potatoes – another world, a world of soft sensations, explosions of tastes and unique combinations.

The dinner was concluded by a Crème Catalana – as you probably know I am not much into desserts, this time one would have not been enough – a cloud of sweetness, a surprising discover layer after layer, a summer storm, a goodbye kiss to departing lover at a foggy station. The perfect way to conclude our celebration.

What more to say? Our dinner was accompanied by delightful wines, the chef was able to guide us without being boring, accompanying technical details with anecdotes, laughs and toasts. The night was too short to contain it – it was an amazing experience and I was happy to have shared it with people who were totally strangers at the beginning but ended up being funny road pals through this flavours journey.

After this delicious meal, I cannot wait to visit La Boqueria again!