Barefoot in Luxembourg goes shopping: Lush Winter Collection

Last month, I have been invited to the presentation of Lush Winter Collection that was held at the Lush store in the Gran-Rue. It was a great occasion to meet some fellow bloggers, spending couple of funny hours and above all learning about the new Lush Winter Collection 2015 – with great products dedicated to Halloween, – gone already, and Christmas, – coming!

Some pictures of the event – together with lovely Imena of Katherade preparing her Butterbear – followed by some more information about the Winter Collection.

IMG_3430 IMG_3439 IMG_3442 IMG_3444 IMG_3445 IMG_3449 IMG_3451 IMG_3466
Lush has always been one of my favorite brand for bathing products. If you are following me on snapchat, you know probably that a long, bubbly bath is one of the best treat to conclude my day. I tend to associate my bath products to my daily feelings – using sparkling products before nights out or calming one when I had a bad day. This is the reason because the Lush collections are perfect for me.
Moreover, I am always very attentive regarding the quality and the origin of the products I am using – my granny is used to say: ” you are born with a great skin, but to keep it you must work for it” – and for this reason, Lush products, with natural and organic ingredients, not tested on animals, are, once again, one of the best thing you can find on the market.

I waited a bit before writing this post because I wanted to be sure to have tried all the fabulous products we have been gifted and that you can find at Lush shop for your Christmas shopping – great ideas for gift but, above all, for self presents! 🙂

First product I have tried, as soon as back home the same day, was the Butterbear – well, I prepared it, so I wanted to be sure I did a good job. Butterbear is a great bath bomb, prepared with cocoa butter, vanilla and ylang ylang. I loved it – not only because I prepared it! – because gives you a very relaxed feeling and soft skin.

My favorite bath bomb was indeed Yog Nog , made with Karite, Ylang Ylang and with a very sweet perfume, and, above all, the Star Dust, with Rose and Vanilla. When you put it into the bath, you have tons of starts flowing around, it is perfect before a night-out during Christmas holidays and my skin was feeling absolutely delicious afterwards.
IMG_3511-bisIMG_3463For the Bubble Bar series, we could try The Magic of Christmas, Peeping Santa and Five Gold Rings. While the Peeping Santa was the funniest one – resembling a small Santa -, it was a bit problematic keeping it entire in my bathroom – was melting a bit. Opposite side, I loved The Magic of Christmas and the Five Gold Rings. The Magic of Christmas is made of almonds and cinnamon, with a real cinnamon stick to hold it. It was the most scented of all the products received and hubby loved it as well – without considering the amazing feeling of bathing in gold!

Next was the Santa’s Belly – I am still using it! – a very unusual shower jelly, perfumed of apple and wine. At the beginning it was quite weird to use and was giving a strange feeling, but after the first couple of times it became my best shower product. It is very cleansing and give a spicy and warm sensation.

IMG_3512-bisAt last, my favorite favorite favorite product – The Santa Baby lip tint. Normally I am always using “big brands” make-up, as for some reason, I feel safer. But after trying this lip tint I have forgotten all my glamorous lipsticks in the box. I am really just using the Santa Baby when going out and I really hope this will become somehow a continuative product. Not only it has an incredible smell and a wonderful color, but it is the first lip tint I tried it stay all day long, without drying your lips and maintaining its amazing color even if you eat, you drink and wash your face. All my friends asked me about the color of my lips recently and all of them were surprised discovering it was “just” a Lush tint.
lip tint
Girls – trust me, go and try.
Boys – this is a perfect idea to complete a gift for your lady, you will never have lipstick on your face/shirt again.

In conclusion – I was really happy to be part of the Lush presentation of Winter Collection. I tend to be loyal to my usual products – even at Lush – and not to go out of my comfort zone, so this occasion was perfect for discovering amazing items and fall in love with them.. until Christmas 🙂


There is no Christmas time without…. Chrëschtmaart

Coming from a small beach village where, even during winter, temperatures are never lower than 5 degrees, I was not a huge fan of Christmas period for long time of my life. I think in some way I was missing the spirit of the celebration and I definitely preferred mid-summer celebration… Since I moved to the North, the story started to be different and, having my own family now, I appreciate more everything this period is bringing. The Christmas tree, the Eve dinner, decorations all around the town…

My office is just overlooking one of the most chaotic street of the city, therefore when already more then two weeks ago they started putting the winter lights I was more than happy. All the shops are ready with gifts idea, home decorations and party outfits.

One of the things I like most about Luxembourg is, for sure, the Christmas Market. I have been to several others – Trier, Metz, Aachen, even London – and I know honestly Luxembourg one is pretty small. But maybe because I live in Luxembourg, each and every year I find it the best one. It is not extremely touristic, you can find local products and some imported ones, but nothing too much commercial.

I love the main stand for drinks that is just in the middle of the Gaelle Fra square – ca va sans dire, my fav one is vin chaud with Amaretto. The waiters have typical dress and I am trying to exercise my Luxembourgish. I adore the Yankee Candles stand and my favorite food is Cheese Fondue in Place d’Armes. This year, for the first time, as it is not yet so cold, I had also a trip on the big wheel. It is definitely smaller than the one we have during the Schouberfoeur, but the view is indeed suggestive. Just pay attention if the day is windy, as the cabins are open, and someone – like my husband – could be a bit scared.

The only small sad complain I have is that I would love Christmas market to be opened longer, in the evening, and for a longer period, definitely not to end up just before Christmas.

What is your favorite stand at Luxembourg market and what is the best Christmas market you ever been?


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