A week end in Milan – random pictures

A week end of friends, museums, Libertines concert, and some shopping, definitely.

You can flight to Milan from Luxembourg Findel airport directly. With Easyjet, with some advance, you can manage to get favorable prices even for Friday – Monday flights.

Easyjet flight is landing at Malpensa Airport Terminal 2. From there, you can take a free shuttle to Terminal 1 (10 minutes) and from there getting a train directly to Milan Central Station or Cadorna Station. The ride is taking 40 minutes and costs around 10 euros.

From Terminal 2, you can also take a direct bus for a cheaper price, but the motorway could get pretty busy during pick hours, so you should take in consideration a longer journey.

Just couple of address to recommend in Milan:

Maison Borella hotel, Navigli area. Intimate and Luxury. Outstanding service.
Zen Restaurant, Corso Italia area. Great sushi. Service a bit messy. Really fair price (Sushi Boat below around 15 euro per person)
Mercato Metropolitano, Porta Genova area. It a an open-air market where you have ton of street food trucks . From fish and chips to oysters, from Sicilian food to wine stand, from cocktail area to Burgers. You have only to choose!

 photo fb0eadf0-099f-4c36-b2d0-3e62505a68a2_zps6xrtm7l4.jpg
 photo f7de9fb2-cff4-4f61-bd7c-5d04162298dd_zpswuvcrybl.jpg
 photo 2fe3c128-822c-4e0f-8515-77cfd72fb0af_zpsyajazurk.jpg
 photo 54784463-bde1-4a51-bf9e-6a33f884d187_zpshkrnpkyl.jpg
 photo 1137125e-5430-4fc3-b70f-357dd2c2ea13_zpsdhkpks6h.jpg
 photo e77cba3b-423f-4920-a1a8-b56189bb175a_zps8c077hng.jpg
 photo d8dac2d4-013e-40b7-a00a-ca8844e8dca5_zpswz1ofjil.jpg
 photo e1577974-06b8-43cf-aef0-0af51df115af_zpsgl879t6e.jpg
 photo b3e858b3-8667-4a7b-869b-53fd16f89137_zpsg5ifozey.jpg
 photo 28a8011a-25fa-4c1f-8093-6356d0a649c3_zpsm0hwk6qf.jpg

Delano 4th Anniversary, “Skål” Party

Since last time we have been to Melusina it was not amazing, we were not really convinced when we received the invitation for Delano Magazine anniversary.

It was indeed a great party, with amazing food and a lot of drinks.

 photo daa58957-5d9e-4c34-b450-c4ac08bd65db_zpsj3u4a2sy.jpg

If you don’t know if, Delano is a magazine published by Maison Moderne. It is written in English and is talking about lifestyle, events, business. The printed edition is monthly, while on the website you can subscribe the newsletter “10 things to do this week” that is my favorite bit. I am always waiting to receive it each and every Tuesday 🙂 Not only several different kind of events are included – theatre, nightlife, family events – but also each and every time they give you the possibility to win tickets for concerts, shows, performances.

 photo 71365030-6b93-4325-b12c-b698e3607dbc_zpsdxt22quf.jpg

The magazine is already 4 years old and as every year, Delano was partying with a special theme – linked to a specific country or culture, it has been Ireland, India and England, and this year was dedicated to the Nordic countries.

The party was on invitation only between 6.30 and 8.30 pm and, even if we arrived pretty early, we had to queue a bit as it was already packed! Melusina has been dressed up for the occasion: an igloo and a mountain hut with hot wine and savory bites on the way to the entrance, Nordic flags all over, hostess with Finnish hats and futuristic lights.

 photo 5e9d9f4b-84c0-4a10-9427-b674bf8614f7_zpslar7x2bz.jpg
 photo 4aaee258-92cf-4776-a90c-a0914bcb94ff_zpstbgsdoex.jpg
 photo b1abb068-db31-447d-9093-d0b9b0c54639_zpsd18tap3w.jpg

We drank cremant and ate couple of appetizers prepared by Njörd, the Nordic eatery with restaurants in Kirchberg and Hamm. The bites were delicious – the herrings one was my favorite – but it was quite complicated gaining yours in the middle of the crowd.

The music, with DJ Paloma Summer, was also cool – they played great 90s pop and disco classic and made me feel back a teenager for some hours.

After the prizes of the contest were assigned – IKEA voucher and Prolingua training – we moved next door to Notaro for a pizza. It was unexpectedly crowded for a Tuesday night, as most of the people from Delano party had our same idea. The pizza is the only thing I really like on Notaro menu and it was as usual super yummi – I always go for the Rustica, with Parma ham, mozzarella, arugula and cherry tomatoes – food picture cannot be in Sepia tone, sorry 🙂

 photo f692c7c6-02c9-4638-82b4-900df573c423_zpsjioqoth7.jpg

Today double session at the gym to burn it – I will sweat bubble I think 😛