A Night Out at Casino 2000

Many people visiting Luxembourg aren’t aware that this little country sports a fairly vibrant casino area. Casino 2000 is the main venue, but an array of restaurants and lounges (as well as the main hotel) surrounding it make it feel like its own little nightlife district. It’s a fun place to spend an evening out in the Mondorf area, so let’s go over some of the highlights.

It’s actually best to start the evening checking out one of the nearby restaurants, as there are some great gourmet options in the area (specifically in Mondorf-les-Bains). LE PARIS is a nice option, and is affiliated with Casino 2000, but the best restaurant in the area is probably Les Roses, a French-inspired establishment that offers fine dining in an elegant setting. Said to combine flavors of tradition and modernity, it has a menu that’s sure to delight and surprise. Dishes look simple and artful but taste complex, and nothing is too heavy—which makes it great as a first stop on a long night out.

Next comes a visit to the actual casino, which offers a large gaming venue with a fairly conventional aesthetic. You can seat yourself at slot machines, play both French and American roulette, and perhaps most interestingly, engage in some blackjack so long as you arrive after 7:00 PM. This is one of the games that’s migrated largely to online and mobile formats for a lot of people, particularly given that there are several variations of the game available through digital casinos. But even though online blackjack is simple and accessible, it’s an entertaining game to play in person, and Casino 2000’s focus on the game in the evenings is one of its most charming attributes.

As you enjoy the actual casino floor, you might also want to fit in a visit to the Purple Lounge, either to interrupt your evening of gaming or to cap off the night if you’re all finished. Another establishment directly associated with Casino 2000, the Purple Lounge is also a nice place to eat. But it’s best known as a place where music and food go hand in hand, given there are often live performances going on. Even if you already grabbed dinner at LE PARIS or Les Roses, the Purple Lounge is a nice place to have a drink and listen to some music, or perhaps enjoy a dessert or two.

All in all it makes for a nice evening out if you have one to spare in Luxembourg.


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